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Welcome to "Swords and Torches," the portal to engaging in the intricate battle between ego and soul. Through an insightful podcast and in-depth masterclass, Jen Moilanen, MA, MBA, CAC, guides you through the depths of the psyche with humor, curiosity, and bravery, unraveling mysteries of human behavior and personal growth. Whether you want to overcome personal challenges, enhance emotional understanding, align your life’s purpose, or learn and laugh, "Swords and Torches" provides tools and insights to light your way.

シーズン 1: 幻想の迷宮



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The Swords & Torches Masterclass is a 14-module course led by Jen Moilanen, MA, MBA, CAC. This comprehensive series delves into topics ranging from mental mastery and emotional elevation to spiritual synchronization and shadow work. Each module is meticulously crafted to empower you with practical tools and transformative insights, fostering self-discovery and holistic wellness. Whether you're seeking to heal old wounds, discover hidden talents, or create a roadmap to your best self, our masterclass is your gateway to personal transformation.


Masterclass Features

  • Private online school & community

  • 14-Modules with exclusive video lessons and interactive workbook

  • Live Q&A

  • Bonus Content & Practical Tools

  • Quizzes & Assessments

Military Sponsorship & Application

At Swords and Torches, we honor the bravery and service of our military personnel with a special sponsorship program. We believe those who are and have served deserve access to the best personal and spiritual growth tools.


Our Military Sponsorship Program provides free access to the "Swords & Torches Masterclass" for active duty and veteran members. This initiative, supported by our patrons and corporate partners, covers the full cost of membership and offers a pathway to healing and personal development. If you have served or are serving, we invite you to apply for this opportunity to transform your journey with dedicated support.

Listener Portal

Step into the interactive world of Swords and Torches through our Listener Portal below, where your voice shapes the conversation. This dynamic platform invites you to submit your own video or text questions, making you an integral part of each podcast episode. Whether you're wrestling with personal dilemmas, seeking clarity on shadow work, or curious about the balance between ego and soul, Jen is ready to tackle your queries with insight and empathy. 

Disclaimer: We appreciate and consider all submissions. Due to the high volume of entries, only a select few will be chosen for inclusion in the podcast. We are unable to provide personal responses. By submitting your video or text questions, you agree to grant "Swords and Torches" the right to use your content in our episodes and related promotional materials.

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ポッドキャストの司会者、ソード&トーチ、エゴと魂の間の壮大な戦い、 ã‚¸ã‚§ãƒ³ã¯ã€ãƒ¦ãƒ¼ãƒ¢ã‚¢ã€æ ¹æ€§ã€å€‹äººçš„な知恵、そして数十年にわたる専門的/学術的な知識を活用して、人々がそれぞれの課題を乗り越えて最高の可能性を達成できるように導きます。ジェンは、多次元のアプローチを使用して理論を織り交ぜ、誰もが心、体、魂のバランスをとるために使用できるツールと実践を作成します。 

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